My future self 08sircus

少し先の自分 08sircus

Hello, although it is not completely over yet, the liveliness of the people before the corona disaster has returned nationwide, and the clothes of the people who come and go in the city have become gorgeous, and the " everyday " has finally returned.

Perhaps inspired by such liveliness, I feel the intense heat day by day.

Summer is the worst season for me.
For those who love clothes, it's hard to decide which clothes to wear because of sweat, and the amount of laundry you have to do increases.

Of course, there are not only bad points, but there are good things about fashion that can only be enjoyed in summer, but I still don't like summer.

However, as a fashion lover, there is one thing I am looking forward to.

It is " Autumn/Winter delivery ".

Even though I can't put my sleeves on yet, "What kind of items should I buy this winter?"
The delivery of "brands" has started as autumn and winter items are gradually being added to stores, making people excited about how to coordinate their outfits.

It's " 08 sircus "

Starting with the knitwear that has been well received every season, we have prepared attractive items this time as well, so we will introduce them on the blog this time.

First of all, it is a knit that is a popular item every season.

wool slub high neck sweater



PRICE: ¥57,200

This knit features a loose silhouette with overall volume and a wide high neck that is not too loose. Irregular patterns are woven with slub threads of different thicknesses to create an uneven feel and a vintage-like atmosphere.

This knit is not too masculine and has a dressy feel for women, so it can be worn by both men and women.

Wo/Co melange sweater



PRICE: ¥72,600

The three-dimensional form is expressed by eliminating the slope of the shoulders and adding plenty of volume to the back body.
The material is warm and puffy wool yarn and expressive cotton loop yarn is used to create depth.

This sweatshirt can be worn under a coat, but it is an item that has a " presence " even when worn alone.

Long MA-1 revers

MATERIAL: polyester 100% nylon 100% (liner)


PRICE: ¥101,200

08sircus Classic "Long MA-1 rever"

You can enjoy wearing different expressions with reversible specifications.
The slit fasteners on both sides and the dot buttons like accessories are eye-catching, and the military item has a modern design.

WOOL material, which is a staple of winter coats, is warm and feels good on the skin, but some people say they don't wear a coat because of its weight.

However, this item is so light that you wouldn't think it's a coat, and it has just the right amount of filling, so it's warm and easy to wear even for women who don't like coats until now.

High count weather short blouse (water repellent)

Material: polyester 84% cotton 16%


PRICE: ¥108,900

"High count weather short blouson (water repellent)" with military elements
This blouson features various details such as a storage hood, a belt that can adjust the height of the collar, and a hidden pocket on the lower front.
A unique silhouette with a loose and wide volume and a yoke that seems to be connected to the sleeves, and a high-density woven weather with water-repellent finish, making it suitable for various environments and seasons.

Many brands have released blousons with military elements, but this item combines the elements of tech with a sense of luxury and dress.
It is an item like 08 sircus.

Twill double face 2tuck pants



PRICE: ¥48,400

These pants feature a loose volume and a beautiful straight silhouette.
The luxurious thick fabric uses double weave twill using long pile wool woven in Bishu.

I personally think that these pants are rough but beautiful and elegantly finished, embodying the concept of 08 sircus, "Easy and relaxed, yet chic and elegant clothes."

Synthetic leather bonding drawstring coverall

MATERIAL: Outer material: Synthetic leather Lining: 100% polyester


PRICE: ¥79,200

A coverall shirt made of highly stretchable synthetic leather with jersey material bonded to the back.
An item that is both a shirt and an outerwear with an attractive luster and softness that can be expressed because of the overall loose volume and synthetic leather material.

It is also recommended to tie the waist with a string to change the silhouette, or to roll up the sleeves.

It's been quite long, but these are the 08sircus items we delivered this time.

I think some people may find it difficult to consider knits and outerwear as the hot days continue.

However, shopping for autumn and winter can only be done at this time of year, and I think it's the real pleasure of summer to choose clothes while imagining " myself a little ahead " and getting excited about expectations.

I would appreciate it if you could suggest preparations for such "you a little ahead" from sign.

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