Collection: Nine Tailors

The designer is Kiichi Kawano.
The concept is simple, and the more you use it, the more you get used to it.
New trends and things that have been passed down for generations.
While incorporating and accepting various elements, sensibilities, and techniques, we have created hats that allow us to enjoy changes little by little.
“Nine Tailors make a man.” This word, which has two meanings, “Nine tailors make a full-fledged tailor” and “To become a full-fledged tailor, you need nine shops and a tailor” is quoted from a British proverb.
The second one says, “Nine shops, we need a tailor,” so what to wear that day.
<Jacket, shirt, pants, watch, shoes, bag, belt...>
As the 9th item among them, we want you to use this hat as the last styling item of the day.