Collection: The CLASIK

Ken Tanaka, who gained experience as a menswear designer of "MARGARET HOWELL", started from the 2020 SS.
Based on the keywords "New Classic", "New Order", and "New Modern", we are proposing British classics.
While respecting tradition, universality, quality, and formality, he creates a new style and proposes a universal yet contemporary style.
Based on the key words New Classic, New Order, and New Modern, we propose high-quality British classics and British orders that emphasize "no design" and "meaningful tailoring."
We deliver top-level clothing that combines the world's best materials and accessories, not only in quality but also in a historical sense, with high technology and quality made in Japan.
The CLASIK has strengths such as orthodox designs that are not overly modern, with a focus on traditional patterns, and high-quality original accessories.