sign4th anniversary event

September 1, 2019

September 1, 2023

Today, we will color the 5th year sign with less than a week left

We would like to inform you about the "4th Anniversary Event".

The beginning is a free office.

A place where nothing was

to mark the time,

A special place filled with smiles of many people.

People with different values, different ages, occupations, and places of residence

Meet and connect through the space of sign.

one such community

I promise to continue making them.

It is a signature that has always been supported by everyone,

with gratitude

We have prepared several events for this year.

Let's get started

-Shoe care service-

We are proposing it as the foot of the sign


From the customer S after the POP-UP at the end of June

I received a story like this.

“On the day of the 4th anniversary of sign-san, who has always been indebted to us,

Could you do some shoe care? ”

As a sign that values ​​the connection between people,

I am very happy to hear such a story.

I have been a fan of designer Kaneko for a long time,

Mr. S who does shoe care as a hobby.

At the time of POP-UP, Mr. Kaneko personally

Ask for guidance on shoe polishing know-how

We had a shoe care service together.

Mr. S, who has received the endorsement from Mr. Kaneko.

Only on September 1st, we will have a shoe care service.

Through the filter of leather shoes and sign,

The first step in creating a new community.

I hope it will be an event that triggers that. . .

-Sign and French Izakaya Etone-

In February of this year, sign will be listed in the Michelin Guide 2022

“French Izakaya Etone” has been reopened.

From customers at sign stores

"It was very delicious and a comfortable space"

"It's a special day that will add color to your anniversary."

I have more opportunities to talk about things like this.

From the beginning, Utsunomiya had said

Because I am not a professional in that field, I asked the restaurant

"spending time"

as sign staff

The "space" envisioned by the president spreads even in Etone,

"Dots" and "Dots" of clothes and eating and drinking

I realize that we are connected by one "line".

From such "Etone"

We have prepared a wonderful item to color the 4th anniversary.

-French Izakaya x Hamburger-

Speaking of French cuisine, "sauce"

The source is

It plays an important role in French cuisine.

The staff in charge of sign's eating and drinking department

From hundreds of sources

Repeated improvements for this day,

From the French that we usually offer,

So that you can enjoy it easily

homemade demiglace sauce

with homemade cheese sauce,

"French Burger" will be given only to those who purchase on the day.

Everything about "French Izakaya Etone"

I can't tell you about hamburgers,

Please enjoy this opportunity.

-drawing- _

September 1st.

What makes a day that is originally nothing special

I met a lot of people on this day,

Because we share happiness.

A once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

A relationship that only exists in that moment

Please continue to cherish me.

The reason why the sign continues to this point is

Because there were customers who always cheered me up.

Wishing you all an extraordinary day,

Entertainment suggestions from sign.

To customers who purchased on the day,

We will draw a lottery with 100% off! !

Special event for this day only.

Not a hit-or-miss result

In the process, I got away from my daily life

Being able to share an uplifting feeling

Above all, it is “joy”.

On reaching the 5th year

Although things have changed in the last few years,

The feeling of cherishing the connection with people does not change.

An ideal space for those who will continue to support us,

To continue to be a space where you can feel at ease

All the staff will continue to challenge every day.

I would appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly.

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