From the blog the other day, I received a lot of congratulatory messages.

Thank you all for everything.

I really feel like I'm supported by so many people.

There was one question that was particularly popular.

"Is there a special order for the anniversary?"

Of course there is! !

I'm sure some of you are already familiar with it.

We have prepared "EXCLUSIVE ITEM" to color the 4th anniversary.

I would like to introduce this time.

It was very well received at last year's POP-UP,

"EXCLUSIVE ITEM" While the waist is a rubber specification with a string,

The sewing specifications of the body are called full-fledged slacks.

The "underpants" that owner Utsunomiya wore the most throughout the year

So much that you can pick it up from your wardrobe without hesitation

For formal attire or casual play

Suitable for all situations

A real close in the truest sense.

This time, we have prepared 3 types of sign-limited materials.


This setup will be deployed at SEC.10 this season.

As a sign setup proposal when I saw it at the exhibition

Using this wool material "I want to propose it with the last bespoke pants"

It started with Utsunomiya's thoughts.

It is said that "clothes start with pants"

The lower body is important for styling.

Basic and high-quality items

Do not bend the point listed as the axis of the sign,

With a balance that we think is cool

I want you to set it up.

The fabric does not easily lose its shape

Using British wool, which is famous for its strong luster,

Processed in a domestic factory

Original glen check material.


When talking about special orders,

From Designer Nakamura

"Although the quantity will be limited,

I have some good fabrics that I can prepare."

I was able to suggest it.

It was an incredible fabric.

Mainly used in SEC.07,

I have received many inquiries from the past.

Fancy tweed material.

Developed as Japan's number one producer of wool fabrics

Mixed tweed produced in Bishu.

It is called design yarn such as lame yarn and tape yarn

We use colorful threads with different thicknesses and materials,

Inherited old technology

Production itself cannot be done without craftsmanship

We used a special fabric.

*Because it is a very valuable material, it will be sold in a limited number of 5.


And one last color.

``GREY'' is now the image color of the sign

Established "GREY"

The impression received from GRAY is inorganic and sophisticated color.

Why is the owner Utsunomiya

Did you make the storefront based on “GREY”?

It is the clothes we handle and the people who visit us.

Because I wanted you to color the space.

On the important milestone of the anniversary

Through the color that imagines "sign"

I wanted the space to have depth.

This time, in commemoration of the 4th anniversary of sign, such a color

It was reprinted as "SIGN GRAY".

The fabric is the same as last time, and the top maisons in Japan and overseas are also used.

Domestic high-density back satin gabardine.

Thick and firm firmness.

When viewed from a distance, it has a dull luster and

It is a material that has a feeling of falling and looks very tailored.

Resistant to wrinkles,

Even if it becomes whitish due to friction, it can be restored by brushing.

It is the best fabric that combines luxury and ease of handling.

[Suggestion from sign]

A special proposal as a sign at the milestone of the anniversary.

While there are many items in the world,

Clothes that we really want to wear

Whether it will become one of your wardrobes.

Whether it's colored or patterned.

Based on past experience

If what we want to wear now becomes what everyone wants,

I couldn't be happier.

Gently familiar with life,

I will inevitably pick it up.


Online sales start from 12:00 on August 31 (Thu.).

The store will start at 13:00.

Please look forward to it.

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