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There are less than 10 days left in August.

This month was affected by the weather, such as a big typhoon and the heat wave, but even so, the customers of sign energetically turned their feet to the store,
We are sending you a dizzying and fun day.

And a POP UP event will be held at sign to conclude the last week of August.

8/26 (sat) - 9/3 (sat)
This time, we will handle it newly from 23AW
Held a POP UP event for “VALAADO” (ballad),

On the first day, 8/26 (sat), Mr. Owaki, the designer, will be able to visit the store as well.

- Brand introduction -
VALAADO is a Japanese men's brand designer Mikihiro Owaki

A men's pants brand that offers pants that pursue beauty in carefully selected materials.
VALAADO features a silhouette design created by a unique pattern created by building a production line based on high-precision manufacturing at a factory specializing in pants.
VALAADO pants are created by a unique design that combines traditional drafting for men and draping for women.

After 2 years of trial and error, starting the collection production in 2018,
We have created a straight silhouette "TEN" type 1 and will welcome "5TH" this season.

The concept of VALAADO is
It has become "Elegance of learning from the past, understanding the classics and sublimating them into new values ​​for the modern age."

"Onko chishin" has the meaning of acquiring new learning and knowledge from the past. VALAADO's products are nostalgic, yet innovative and fresh, and we are convinced that they are the only products that can be made because we have spent a tremendous amount of time on pants.

Now is a turning point for sign, so VALAADO's "belief" overlaps with the "belief" that sign has built up until now, so that everyone who visits frequently can experience a new "change" that is different from before. I strongly hope that you will.

In my personal opinion,
Compared to the tops, you can actually feel the "goodness" of the pants by actually looking at them and putting them through your feet.
I would appreciate it if you could suggest the "ideal pants" that suits you.

- Venue -

- sign
Kanda Building 2F, 1-2-1 Toyosaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture



Article: HARU
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