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Linda Farrow is a British sunglasses brand founded by designer Linda Farrow in 1970.
She is a pioneer who has created new styles and shapes one after another, considering sunglasses as fashion items rather than mere shading tools.
He worked closely with fashion designers such as Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Sonia Rykiel, but the brand ceased operations in 1983.
Twenty years later, in 2003, her son Simon Jablon discovered a large number of vintage sunglasses in a warehouse in his London home, and the brand name was relaunched as ``Linda Farrow Vintage.''
Currently, she is releasing a collection under the brand name ``Linda Farrow'' of original designs with her partner Tracy Cedino.
Linda Farrow's glasses and sunglasses are all made in high quality Japan. The metal frame is made of titanium, and the plastic frame is made of high-quality acetate.
The design emphasizes the individuality of the person who wears it, but it is still luxurious. The combination of big shapes and gold-based pale colored frames and lenses is distinctive.

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